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2nd African Youth Games . 22 - 31 May 2014



The BAYGOC Secretariat which has been tasked with putting together the 2nd edition of the Africa Youth Games has outsourced some of its functions to the Botswana National Sports Council and other government entities in a bid to  enhance  capacity, ahead of the Gaborone 2014 games.

‘We have outsourced core skills through strong strategic alliances with key Government entities; the University of Botswana for accommodation and venues for the Athletes, the Ministry of Health for the delivery of medical services, the Botswana Police for security and venues, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for protocol, the Ministry of Labour and Immigration for visas, the Ministry of Finance for Customs, and BDF for logistics and training venues’, said the BAYGOC CEO, Tuelo Serufho.

Serufho highlighted that the strategic move is to ensure the maximum excellence of the games since there are teaming up with well-established sporting body that has had experience with games of such magnitude in the past. Serufho further mentioned that with games only two months, there has been a great need to strengthen capacity and create a more robust structure that will deliver world class games.

The latest development has seen BAYGOC having to outsource skilled manpower from the Botswana National Sports Council (BNSC). BNSC has developed significant infrastructure and capacity to deliver sporting activities which contributed to the country winning the bid to host the Games. It has successfully hosted three Botswana Games between 2007 and 2011 with a total of 11, 524 athletes.  It has facilitated preparation and participation of athletes at Africa Union Region 5 youth Games, the All Africa Games with 37 Sporting Codes participation at universal level.

BAYGOC is proud to announce that the Africa Youth Games are still set to commence on 22 May 2014 with an official Opening Ceremony on that date.  The working model adopted by the committee through outsourcing all sports related activities to BNSC, the constituted body for running sporting activities in and outside Botswana is a move to steer the ship further  towards the end product, Gaborone 2014.