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2nd African Youth Games . 22 - 31 May 2014

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Help Stop Doping

May 30, 2014

By Annan Stella

Gaborone 2014 Youth Games are more than just competition, it’s about the ethics of the sport. It is not only about competition to win medals and getting better representation in the continent at the world Olympic stage, but also covers a wide of range issues, and among them; DOPING!

To try and explain doping; the athletic body as a whole cannot deny the fact that when the athletes blossom and win medals, they tend to face the pressure to maintain their pedigree. Again, the pressure it is the pressure from their authorities, friends and a whole lot that makes them in essence doubt their natural ability to win games. They tend to use unapproved drugs to enhance their performance during games this issue is what is called doping.

That is not always the case since some of the athletes do not know that drugs administered to them contain some sort of banned substances. When such drugs are administered to an athlete, it shows that they tend to doubt their natural ability to win the game. That is why the world anti-doping agency through the team led by Mr Rodney Swigelaar director of the Africa office has embarked on an awareness programme; Help Stop Doping for the young athletes at the Gaborone2014 games village at the University of Botswana campus.

The aim is also to make young athletes aware of such malpractices in sports and to desist from using drugs. Mr Swigelaar said the world anti-doping agency existed to enhance the career of such young athletes hence spreading the message through computers games, among other means and athletes also learn and awarded as well. He also said due the stringent testing process, they only have 34 approved laboratories in the world that deliver trusted results. “Help stop doping. It is the responsibility of everyone who has the game at heart to ensure fairness in games and our young athletes to know they can do it naturally,” he said. So far, there are no tested athletes who had tested positive to using banned substances.