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2nd African Youth Games . 22 - 31 May 2014



May 23, 2014
From 22nd - 31st May 2014 Gaborone will be hosting the second edition of the Youth African Games after the inaugural Games which were held in Morocco 4 years ago. BAYCOG Team have made outstanding growth in the last couple of months and considerable efforts to deliver superb games.

The city of Gaborone is privileged to welcome Africa’s best young athletes. The 2 500 youths who will represent 54 African National Olympic Committees will certainly inspire the African people to become more active in sports and encourage them to adopt, incorporate and live by the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect. These values could offer a fundamental substructure for developing important lifelong abilities, skills and talent. We hope the athletes will build positive relationships with their fellow opponents. They will not only be competing for winning medals but mostly for sharing their experiences and Olympic ideal.

We have to make our drive as part of our ways of life and embrace and embody sport as the service of humankind. We really want to create the champions of the African continent and build role models as well as ambassadors for promoting the physical activity as a tool for national pride and fulfilment.We also aim to offer a good opportunity for athletes to be educated and learn about crucial issues such as doping, the respect of the rules and one’s opponents.

Sport is a school of life where we learn to live in society. The participants will certainly learn a lifelong enjoyment of sport and will grasp the sense of living in a multicultural community and for better mutual understanding. During their participation to the Youth Olympic Games, the athletes will take part in high-level competition and off the field of play they will have access to a series of
cultural and educational activities. I am confident that the Youth African Games will be historic as the people of Gaborone will welcome the athletes and their guests with open arms for this largest
youth continental sporting event.

For ANOCA we have been working with BAYGOC hand in hand to ensure that we will have successful games. I am confident they will take advantage of these developments to create valuable legacies for the City and people of Gaborone. After these games ANOCA will continue to strive to ensure that young people across Africa can practise and celebrate Olympism and the Olympic values. Our vision is to stage a sporting event that has culture and education as an order of priority. The positive awareness of the Youth African Games and effective messaging will certainly play an instrumental role and provide insight for the African sport popularity in the future success of subsequent games. We expect that the games will meet the expectations of the participants and will be well organised with a high level of perfection. We are deeply persuaded that Gaborone will certainly have a wonderful and memorable Youth Games.