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2nd African Youth Games . 22 - 31 May 2014



May 13, 2014

The Botswana African Youth Games Organising Committee (BAYGOC) is on 22nd April 2014 commemorating 30 days to the start of the 2nd Africa Youth Games, and unveiling a component of the Games Legacy programme; “Project 53”. The festivities of the day shall begin with a procession from the Game City circle to the commemoration venue site of the National Youth Centre (NYC) in Gaborone West, popularly known as “kwa ga Mma-Masire”. The platform will be an opportunity to chronicle the milestones achieved since the awarding of the bid to Botswana as the countdown continues.

The main highlight of the 30 days countdown celebration activities will centre on launching of “Project 53”, which includes among others things, planting fifty three trees representing the fifty three (53) countries expected to converge in Botswana for the games, from May 22 – 31 2014. This in gratitude, being made possible in part by the Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC) and National Youth Centre (NYC) for availing a piece of land for the planting of the “Indigenous tree park”. This being youth games, there couldn’t have been a better partner than BNYC in reaching to the youth of the nation.

In terms of local communities’ participation, fifty three schools from fifty three constituencies have been selected for twining with the fifty three countries. A representative of each school will be holding ‘their’ country’s name card during the opening and closing ceremonies. In addition, a selection of artworks by the student from participating schools will be displayed during the games.

“Project 53” tree planting initiative is one of the BAYGOC’s small ways of supporting  environmental conservation, in addition to ensuring the symbolic representation of the convergence of African countries in Botswana.  As the fifty three trees grow, so will the relationships forged with the expected countries,” said the BAYGOC CEO, Tuelo Serufho.

There generally is comforting progress across all aspects related to the games, including arrangement to facilitate for Batswana to realise some economic spin-offs by creating a “Games Market Centre” within the games precinct – by the Notwane grounds.


In his closing remarks, Serufho intimated that putting together Gaborone 2014 is a task not only for the BAYGOC but for Botswana as a whole. He urged the nation to support the committee as we near the beginning of the games. The 2nd Africa Youth Games are billed for 22-31 May 2014 with an official Opening Ceremony on the 22 May 2014.