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2nd African Youth Games . 22 - 31 May 2014



March 28, 2014

The BAYGOC Secretariat -which has been tasked with putting together the 2nd edition of the Africa Youth Games continues to build relationships that both contribute to capacity building in the country as well as enhance the Organisation’s capability to successfully deliver the Games.

Recognising that Botswana does not have the financial resources to employ workforce in the thousands that other countries in the west do for similar Games, BAYGOC has determined that smart partnerships and/or outsourcing some of their functions is the way to go. To that end, BAYGOC previously outsourced to the Botswana Volunteer Movement, the recruitment, training and management of volunteers. Further, the BAYGOC has succeeded in getting the Norwegian Olympic Committee and Sports Federation(NIF) to partner them in the volunteer training and education of athletes. NIF has already seconded two employees to the BAYGOC Secretariat with the third employee expected mid-April and others just before the games.

Most recently, the BAYGOC has outsourced the management of Project 53, part of the Game’s legacy plan to the Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC). Amongst other things, fifty three trees representing the fifty three countries expected in Botswana will be planted at the BNYC Gaborone West Centre. Further fifty three schools from fifty three constituencies are being twined with fifty three countries. A representative of each school will be holdingthe country’s names cards during the opening and closing ceremonies. In addition, winning artworks by the student at the participating schools will be displayed at the games.

The latest development has seen BAYGOC and Botswana National Sports Council (BNSC) agreeing to partner to a higher level than has been the case. In the new arrangement, some functions within sport and venues will be outsourced to the BNSC.  The BNSC has developed significant infrastructure and capacity to deliver sporting activities which contributed to the country winning the bid to host the Games. It has successfully hosted three Botswana Games between 2007 and 2011 with a total of 11, 524 athletes.

‘Our partnerships and/or outsourcing are in keeping with some of the Games’ objectives, in particular, those around enhancing capacity and building relations. We have also outsourced core skills through strong strategic alliances with key Government entities; the University of Botswana for accommodation and venues for the Athletes, the Ministry of Health for the delivery of medical services, the Botswana Police for security and venues, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for protocol, the Ministry of Labour and Immigration for visas, the Ministry of Finance for Customs, and BDF for logistics and training venues’, said the BAYGOC CEO, Tuelo Serufho.

In concluding, Serufho applauded the latest developments as they not only build capacity for the BAYGOC but also for Botswana to be able to host other major events in and outside of sports in future.The Africa Youth Games are billed for 22-31 May 2014 with an official Opening Ceremony on that date.  The working model adopted by the committee through outsourcing all sports related activities to BNSC, the constituted body for running sporting activities in and outside Botswana is a move to steer the ship further towards the end product; Gaborone 2014.